Monday, November 24, 2008

UFO's Over Bucks County Pennsylvania

The Paranormal Pastor: The UFO Flap Over Bucks County, Pennsylvania

My interest in UFO's has been kicked up a notch and is now becoming my hobby. It has always been one of my favorite things to read or see on TV.

Bucks Co was profiled on Discovery Channel Monday, Nov 24th at 9 p.m. "UFO's Over Earth"
UFOs in Bucks County, PA in the Langhorne, Vermillion Hills Area, Falls Township,Newtown , Oxford Valley Mall area, Station Ave toward Bristol Pike. I thought it was most interesting so I did some investigation of my own into the stories a little further and came up with The Paranormal Pastor.

More about the Philly area sightings:
Philly UFOs - sightings over Bucks County Nov 20, 2008 on Channel 6 News

Check this out also -- UFO in Western PA October 24, 2008
Clarion River Forest Region 60 miles NW of State College - Southern Chestnut Ridge Mountains. 2 Hunters saw out of the darnkess 2 round greenish blue lights 15 ft off the ground, size of a baseball, they thought it was another hunter. All of a sudden 12 beams of light appear originating from the same area. They didn't know what was happening. Their attention is drawn to a glowing human like figure. One of those beams led the figure out into the field.It moved quickly it was like glow in the dark paint color, about 3 feet tall, arms hanging down. The color was a light green lime. It was gliding not walking, no sound. They were shook up and nervous. One of them started to whistle, that creature stopped abruptly, motionless, then moved into the field, then it vanished. They did not see it again. All the coyotes stopped howling but before they were howling. Stan Gordon reporting.

MUFON Mutual UFO NetworkPennsylvania has a chapter.

UFO Evidence, The Kecksburg, PA UFO Crash Incident by Stan Gordon. On
December 8, 1965 event occurred about 40 miles from Pittsburgh in a rural area of western PA

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