Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Back To Keeping Track

All is well. I'm done with the meds, no more coughing...now I can resume my exercise schedule and eat the proper foods. I gained a few pounds...well, taking Valentine's Day into account, I had a few chocolate items - ice cream and truffles. So, was I expecting to lose, really? Come on now. I knew I would eventually put on some weight. Whatever! I can shake it off now. Back to keeping track of the good stuff.

The thing to do is try not to start eating that stuff in the first place because it sets me up for more of the same which I can't afford. Now I have to lose the pounds I gained and that will take longer than I care to think about. My goal for February was to lose 5 pounds...duh!
I am currently 2.6 pounds over what I originally started the month so now I have 7.6 pounds to lose instead of 5. That doesn't make sense does it? Today I am going forward with my regular menus and exercise. It will make a difference eventually....at this rate it might take a few years to get to my lifetime goal.

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