Friday, November 13, 2009

Our Prayer For Thanksgiving 2009

For all my friends everywhere and in SparkPeople especially the Lehigh Valley Sparks Team, I wish you a happy, holy Thanksgiving Day.

Here's Our Prayer for Thanksgiving:

Lord, out of the abundance of Your harvest we have so many delicious foods to enjoy. Thank You for Your blessings upon our gardens this summer. What a pleasure it is to plant fresh vegetables, herbs and fruit and to enjoy in due time the reward of our labor. Thank You for the rain, the sunshine, helpful insects, and the nutrient rich soil that nurture and grow the seeds. Thank You for the overabundance of vegetables that we are able to share with our neighbors and friends. You are faithful in providing for our spiritual, physical and emotional needs and we are grateful this day for Your marvelous blessings in our lives. In Jesus Name, Amen.

If we all say this prayer at dinner on Thanksgiving Day, (copy and print it out), we'll be together in heart and spirit. Everything in moderation SP Crusaders and you'll be alright. Speaking of being alright, check out MACGIRRL's SP blog, she has a great video to see.

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