Saturday, July 17, 2010

Mel Gibson -- You Be The Judge

About Mel Gibson -- it was so hard for me to hear his angry voice and my first thought was why would someone who loves him tape a conversation like that?  What would motive her to do that?  What do you think?   Maybe she has a personal reason.  Maybe he didn't do what she said he did.  But, there was his voice, his angry voice on the phone.  I read in the newspaper that a dentist checked her teeth and said there was no proof that he struck her and damaged two teeth. When communication between two people breaks down...there's not much left.  His ex-wife made a statement that he never struck her or their children during their marriage.  I feel sorry for Mel and for the woman who released these recordings. Is it necessary to let the whole world in on a personal disagreement?  You be the judge.

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