Thursday, October 14, 2010

Kids R Fat

I saw this on GB's show tonight.  I thought it was pretty accurate.

The government wants to make sure our children lose weight.  They propose to:

Plan B

1 -- Ban soda and french fries
2 -- Take away swings from the playgrounds
3 -- Sue somebody
4 -- demonize companies like McDonalds.

Plan A -- an alternate plan

1 -- Turn off the TV/video games.
2 -- Tell the kids to go outside and play.
3 -- Ask your child to finish this sentence,
      "An apple a day......"
4 -- Clowns don't make healthy foods

It's up to you to teach yourself and your children the proper things and way to eat.  Start now.

The schools might want to incorporate nutrition and serving sizes to children in health classes and also the consequences of eating improper foods -- obesity, heart problems, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes.    If your children hear you talk about things like that, it will rub off onto them.  They live by example, and you're elected.

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Sandra said...

I have to agree, completely on this one! It is not just the schools, it is everyone that needs to work together for the younger generation! McDonalds and treats are just that, treats! you feed your kids junk all day long and let them veg all the time and then want to blame everyone else for the results. Then again, parents don't want to actually parent their children and will make up any excuse as to why they can't!