Thursday, February 10, 2011

More Thoughts on Egypt

The news media is showing what's going on in Cairo.  Today there was rumor that Mubarak was going to step down.  He came on television to tell everyone he will not be directed by anyone.  He wants to stay in Egypt.  He will stay til September.
We know he's a dictator.  He's "our dictator", a friendly one to our country and to Israel.  Why would we want him to step down now after 30 years? 
It's been said that the Muslim Brotherhood will be in power after Mubarak leaves.  Is that good for us and the world?  One of their goals is to have Islam all over the world.  It was said that the MB is organized, and not a threat to anyone.  If the MB takes hold, there would be many reasons to be fearful....christian religions are not accepted for one, nor are any other religions besides their own.  If freedom of religion doesn't worry you, then you have no fear if they take over.  Our country's founders were looking for a place to practice their own religion.  Since it's beginning, everyone is able to do that without fear.  That's only one thing we would lose if Islam spreads here and all over the world.   Think about it.
Just in case you didn't know there are 10 million Christians in Egypt who would stand to lose the right to and a place to worship.  The Muslim Brotherhood is not the peaceful organization that some say.  They were instrumental in killing Sadat!  Read their goals if you dare to find out more.

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