Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Sadness on the South Side

In the Morning Call today, there was an article about St. Joseph Catholic Church on Bethlehem's south side.  The Diocese put their rectory and adjacent parking lot on the chopping block.  Former parishoners, following Stepehen Antalics, are still in the process of trying to get Rome to release the Church from being sold like many other Churches on the south side have already been.  It's so sad to see this happen.  The people donated much of their life savings to build and maintain the churches.  But the Diocese
took them and sold the properties.  I can't understand the whole process and I am totally against it.  Why would they now separate the rectory and parking lot from the Church property?  What happens if the Church is freed, where will the pastor live?   It's so sad, I can't say that often enough. 
Read it and weep:

Another thing I do not understand.  St. Joseph Church property has become the property of The Incarnation parish?
It has?  Since when?  Are those parishoners aware that their parish owns all the vacated churches on the south side?  NO NO NO.

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