Thursday, February 5, 2009

Wanting Everything To Be Better

Today wasn't the best day ever. I have had my share of those. I've been trying to fool my brain into thinking that I'm well and the sinus is healed. I've been drinking cups of decaf green tea with cinnamon a few times a day for 3 or 4 days now. Today was the first day I haven't been able to do my scheduled exercises. I let it slide, had no energy, no motivation, no stamina. You know how it is when you're feeling punky. The friggin temp outside was like 19. Do you think I was going to go out and do something? No way. If it was half decent I might have gone out and did some walking to keep my mind off not feeling well. Walking in place was my choice today.

The sinusitis is beginning to worry me now only because that's how all the past cases of pneumonia I had started out with a bout of sinus infection. I'm letting my feelings run away with me I hope. I just want everything to be better, the weather, the temperature outside, my sinus. As I sit here I have a slight tickle in the throat, and it's making me cough...geez, another symptom. Can I get over this by myself or will I have to go to the doctor tomorrow? That is the big question.

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