Saturday, March 21, 2009

Returning My Body To Its Former Thinness

Friday walked 30 mins
Made good food choices
Slept 8 hours
Drank my 8 glasses of water
Did my visualization before bed
Today is Saturday, March 21, 2009 -- a Red Letter Day

Being fat is the complete opposite of what I used to be when I was a child growing up. But then anyone who's overweight probably started out as a thin youngster. My mother always told me how skinny and what a picky eater I was. She always worried about me because I didn't eat much, and was always sickly and she thought that a daily dose of cod liver oil would fix it all. Duh! Look at me now ma! Nowadays they're pushing omega 3's and here I am not taking it cuz I had enough of that stuff in my earlier years. I don't even know if it helped at all. I am not willing to try it again.

Maybe being fat is my body's way of showing me that everything is okay now, I'm safe and the fat is protecting me -- after all my mother wanted me to believe that some padding on my body would make it all better. But I found out that isn't true. We all know that an apple shape isn't healthy. Well, after much deliberation, here's my new find a solution to return my body to it's former thinness. Don't think about all the other quests I had, there were many. I will keep searching for a formula that gets my body to give up it's fat especially the spare tire. It's so uncomfortable. The time is NOW to reverse those thoughts and communicate to my body that it needs to be thin, it wants to be thin and eventually it will be thin. I want to cultivate positive thinking because it eliminates almost all forms of mental and emotional obesity that trick your body into thinking you need to be fat.

If I become a more positive thinker, daily stress won't affect me as much. That's a plus. If I stay positive my life will be more fun. When I'm connected to the world, my life has more purpose and meaning. I feel safe, have less fear, life becomes less threatening. I feel more in control and less likely to use fat as a shield or weapon. I'm less likely to give power to negative beliefs that hold me back. That all sounds great to me. I will keep forging ahead with thinking and being positive. I am safe, thin is safe, life is safe, I feel safe. I think of an image of what my body looks like at another time when it was thinner, I imagine that my body will become that image. Let's see how I will make it happen! Write this date down....March 21, 2009 the beginning of the new quest to return my body to its former thinness through visualization and proper eating habits.

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