Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Weight Loss Now - Eldon Taylor

I purchased a self-motivation CD, "Weight Loss Now" an InnerTalk Subliminal Audio Program by Eldon Taylor. It's patented and proven WholeBrain Subliminal Method.
The CD is one hour in length. Affirmations are encoded in the music, but I can't actually hear them, all I hear is the music. "The messages enter the ear and travel to the brain where they are converted from electrical impulses to meaningful message units. The words are disguised from the conscious mind. What has in effect occurred, is simply that the conscious mind has failed to discriminate the words, while the subconscious, with its vast reservoir of knowledge and ability, processes the verbal messages. " - as shown on the pamphlet enclosed with the CD.

The subliminal affirmations are complete and all are positive. Soon the messages will come as part of your self talk, from the inside a result you'll believe and act on them. There are close to 100 affirmations on the CD.

6-16-09 affirmation -- I am thin, trim, slim and healthy.
6-17-09 -- I am energetic.

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