Monday, June 29, 2009

The King of Pop Is At Peace!

The world mourns the loss of Michael Joseph Jackson, the King of Pop. Everyone was shocked, the media is flooded with stories about his life, his legend. Besides knowing that he sings and dances fabulously, we're learning he was abused as a child, we know he was accused of crimes that were never proved, and in death we hear that he may have abused his own body. At the first autopsy, his body was 5' 10", 110 lbs, stomach empty except for undisolved pills, he was bald, there was a scar above his ear from the mishap during the Pepsi commercial when his hair caught fire, he had numerous needle marks on his hips and body, fresh needle marks near the heart, several ribs were broken, and numerous other scars from surgeries. His family is requesting a private autopsy. No matter how you look at it, his death is sad. It brings back memories of Elvis A. Presley who also took many drugs that probably contributed to his demise. The people close to these famous men probably tried to help them get off the drugs, but once you become dependent on drugs, it must have been hard for them because of their popularity to check themselves into rehab. Anyone who's been in that position knows it's not an easy thing to admit first of all, then go through the pain of withdrawal. God be with Michael, he is now at peace.

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