Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Glenn Beck's Rally 8/28

Glenn Beck's Rally in Washington DC went unnoticed by the local and national media.  No wonder newspapers are closing down.  With history in the making, they failed to report on it.
What's happening in our country? 

Some say there were over 500,000 people in attendance.  Not one person was arrested, there were no posters, no signs, no politics,  only people searching for unity and hope.   For every person who was there, there were at least 25 others who couldn't go to DC.  There were so many religious people on hand from every faith in attendance.  And not one newspaper covered it.  One TV station said there were about 87,000 people there.  How stupid are they?   If you could "see" while looking at the overhead photo of the crowd, your eyes would tell you there were many more than that.   What happened to investigative reporting?  Where are all the reporters?  If they didn't cover this Rally as a historic event, even the Smithsonian asked Glenn Beck for articles to put into their museum to commemorate it, how can we trust the news media?  We can't!  They aren't giving us the truth, they aren't reporting what's happening.    Glenn Beck is criticized by many people.  I guess they don't see what we see, a man who's doing something that nobody else is doing, unifying our country.   He spent huge amounts of his own money to bring the rally together.  He's trying why doesn't anyone give him some credit because it's deserved.

What's even worse is our President when asked if he saw the rally said No.  Can you imagine, he didn't take time to watch history in the making.  Maybe because people are looking for something more from our government instead of stimulus packages and healthcare that will cost more than the insurances we had before to mention only two things.

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