Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Honesty in OA

I think I'm still in denial about being a compulsive overeater.
Why? Because for a few weeks now I've been having a really awful time staying on my food plan.  It's not that I've been doing any all-out bingeing but I've been replacing foods that I originally gave to my OA friend the day before.  That's not acceptable. 
Dishonesty ensures failure.  It creates a stressful life of confusion.  And honesty is so simple, there's nothing to think about, just straightforward living.  No lying, cheating or changing things, no guilt, fear or shame.   Step work introduces us to honesty and keeps us there. 
Soooo DO IT already!

Just for today, I will take an "honesty inventory" starting with a list entitled - things I'm dishonest about  -- and I will tell my sponsor about it.

Lord,In the maze of life's events where we're often a passenger on the rollercoaster of life's ups and downs, may we never lose sight of You, Jesus. You are the unseen but ever-present Shepherd who protects, guides and tenderly comforts us in all our trouble. Thank You, Lord, that when change is constantly about us, You remain steadfast, faithful, and dependable. You are the Anchor that keeps us grounded in the unseen but eternal truths we build our lives upon. Keep us faithful and help us to always believe! Amen.

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