Monday, November 15, 2010

Americans Beware!

Lately I've been reading or hearing about death panels and higher taxes.  Obamacare needs money to finance the plan, and how will the government do that?  They need to raise taxes, that's for sure.  And, who do you think will be targeted first when it comes to health care?  The elderly and the young, that's who.  Suppose a 70 yr old person with hypertension, diabetes, and one leg already amputated, needs to have part of their foot removed due to diabetes, the death panel might postpone the surgery hoping that their decision will allow that person to expire and thereby realize a tremendous savings to the health plan so they can provide care to someone who is more deserving.  It's just something that might very well happen in the near future and it's scarey.  
It would be so comforting if the government bolstered Social Security so it's financially solid, then remove anyone who doesn't belong on SS, like a young, able bodied person who can work.  They need to define who should qualify for Social Security and clean it up.  If you didn't invest in it, you don't get to collect from it. 

The members of Congress ought to be on the same plane as the people they serve, meaning us. Why do they receive $100,000+ salary and benefits befitting a king or queen?  And on the other hand,  why do our service men and women receive such a pitance and sometimes inadequate healthcare?  They are willing to lose a limb for their country.  When has Congress lost anything lately?  Their wealth climbs for every year they hold office.  Is that right?  NOOOO.

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