Friday, May 15, 2009

Pat Robinson in the Lehigh Valley

The host of TV's 700 Club, Pat Robinson was in the Lehigh Valley and spoke to a group of people at the Allentown Agri-Plex. The story was covered in the Morning Call Thurs, May 14, 2009. What he said wasn't a surprise. "The housing foreclosure crisis, mounting debt, growing unemployment and other woes result from a stark departure from America's roots as a frugal, responsible nation."

When asked How he felt watching the president bow to a Muslim king, he responded
by characterizing " Islam as a religion of war." "They want to subjugate America and put us under their law -- that's their game." He said "I think it's terrible" that our president is kissing up to one of these guys. Judy Davidson of Downingtown, Chester County, a board member of Pennsylvanians for Right to Work suggested "Obama has been the target of rumors that he is secretly a Muslim, and the bow was a "reflex". Robertson replied, "Well, his name is Barack Hussein Obama."

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