Tuesday, May 19, 2009

What makes you happy?

The sun is shining, I will be going out to walk but before that will do my Qigong elements.

Is there anything in the present world that makes me smile? Well, it's pretty tough after hearing such morbid news on the television and radio about our country. I do think it's all spiraling downward since the current man in power took over. Everyone complained about President Bush, but I think it hasn't gotten better. The man in power promised changes, but our country didn't really need any big changes it was always the best country in the world. Now I don't think the world leaders admire us more than before, in fact they seem to be on the opposite side of the fence. We need
to do something about Iran. Socialized health care isn't my idea of making things better. Bowing to muslim leaders isn't my idea of a good change. Spending more
money than we can even dream of affording isn't a good thing. So where has all this taken us? It's pretty hard to smile after hearing all the news.

I believe in God, have a wonderful family, a loving husband and daughter, a nice group of friends, my SP friends who support me no matter what. That makes it
all worthwhile. I can still put on a smiley face and say thank you and be happy!

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