Monday, June 1, 2009

American Capitalism Gone With A Whimper! (Pravda)

Welcome to socialism America. You Asked For It! Strange how Europeans and Russians can see what's happening to us, but the average American can't. Well maybe the media has something to do with it by not keeping us informed well enough.
You can go online and read Pravda.

American Capitalism Gone With A Whimper! Pravda

GM going bankrupt is unreal. It brought back memories of The Bethlehem Steel Corp closing down, ending an era of steelmaking and putting thousands of men/women out of work. Some could take their pension if they were eligible, some took partial pensions, some didn't have enough time and lost out. We all lost out. It was horrifying. My husband had put his life into the BSCO. That's where we had our medical coverage. Everything stopped. He was relocated to another plant that was near Harrisburg, the commute everyday was tiring, the work was hard. He finally decided to take partial pension. When the Steel finally closed the pension company that took over the Steel's retirees pensions took a big chunk out of his pension. It wasn't enough to pay the bills. He looked for and got another job -- what a retirement! It was more like a nightmare. I started looking for work too.

Anyway, today brought back all those memories....not good ones. I am wondering right now why the government is going to have 60% controlling interest in General Motors. They have already been given billions of dollars already, our tax money. Where was the government when the Steel was closing down? I'll tell you one thing I remember as if it were today -- while the steelworkers were pacing the pavements at the White House in Washgington DC trying to get attention, our leader, then President Clinton, took off to go to Europe for a few days. Everyone kept blaming the closure on foreign steel. They have yet to convince me of that. The unions weren't helping the workers as much as we all thought they could have. But really, what could anyone do? The fat cats got their enormous retirement salaries, the supervisory staff got theirs too, the workers got screwed! The end came, nobody did anything and we lost everything. End of story.

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