Friday, July 3, 2009

The great Health Care Plan

Are you paying attention to what bills the Congress is working on? If the healthreform bill goes through, any adult who refuses to sign up for the insurance can be fined up to $1,000. Can you imagine that -- having to pay a fine for not signing up to stand in line to wait to see a doctor, not the one of your choice either and if you're over 60 years old with some ailments being treated already, don't hold your breathe about getting any kind of surgery. They will check your health status on the system that this administration has developed to determine whether you "can" be treated. If someone in the government doesn't think you need immediate care, you will be put at the bottom of the list.

Did you know that you will also pay $5,000 if you fail to fill out the census forms?
Get ready for higher taxes, a universal health care plan that we don't even know the cost of, just get your affairs in order in case. Some people are refusing to fill in the
questionnaire. I wonder if they will in fact be fined?

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