Thursday, April 7, 2011

Delete One Nightshade At A Time

Well, today I didn't eat any tomatoes or potatoes.  I did have sweet potatoes but they're not in the nightshade family.  The pain is still with me, but maybe not as bad.  If you only knew how much I love tomatoes, any kind of tomato products.  That is definitely the hardest food for me to give up.  A Lenten sacrifice for sure!  

If I can prove that the nightshade foods really help to eliminate arthritis pain, I will be happy to tell it to the world.  That doesn't mean I have to give this stuff up for all, only long enough to feel less pain. Indulging in it occasionally might be tolerable.

About the MRI -- it's history.  Will know the results in two days.  That's it for today.  

Update:  the MRI revealed I have a few back issues in different locations.  Lower back - stenosis and herniated disc,
mid back - herniated disc.  Went to see a surgeon, his recommendation was PT.  My daughter gave me a program to do which I will be doing probably for the rest of my life.

About the nightshade thing, I didn't try eliminating it for long enough.  But I stopped.  That's all.

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